Live Lighter Containt

Your dream matters!

It matters not only to you, but it is a reciprocal mattering.

Only for a limited time - Enjoy My Live Lighter Container for just $795.

This program is ideal for you if:
➳ You are coming from a world of pleasing, proving, & perfectionism and know there is something more for you.

➳ You notice yourself putting your needs at the bottom of the list to tend to the needs of others.

➳You have to think when was the last time you did something special just for that really lit you up inside.

Take a deep breath: help is on the way. Adulting is no joke. We are here to support you in reclaiming your identifying, prioritizing, and honoring your wants & needs. We are going to help you come up with a plan and a practice to become empowered to stop overgiving and say YES to you.

What you will get:

➳Gain confidence & clarity to know where you stop and the world begins. This expansive version of you begins to see the world through a lens of possibility and sees what is working rather than what needs to be fixed. :)

➳ With a coach by your side, you will be lead through a proven process that is guaranteed to support you in quieting that inner critic and getting out of your head and back into your body.

➳You will literally feel energized and less tired and depleted. Discovering what fills your cup becomes fun & playful :) People will notice you laughing more. You begin to step out of of the fog and the haze to feel the sunlight on your skin.

➳You learn how to make subtle shifts with conscious intentional choices that support you throughout your day. Feelings of being overwhelmed, scattered, and distracted begin to dissipate.

➳You start to find her: that incredible woman that has always been there. She slowly gets uncovered layer by layer. This express-coaching bundle is designed to elevate your energy and help you create One Life. Live It. Results.

This 1-month program includes:
(1) 90-minute One Life. Live It Session to get at the root of the issue.
(2) 50-minute Laser-Coaching calls with Amanda Raymond scheduled two weeks apart.

Your Investment: $795

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(in this free consult you will gain clarity on strengthening your inner knowing and walk away from this call with one thing you can do NOW to live lighter).

Let's chat, Amanda

**Give yourself the gift of investing in the Live Lighter container to get clear on what your next steps are and to learn to quiet the habitual default energy that tries to derail you.