Mindfulness in Schools

Teaching our youth the importance of self-care, carving out sacred space to practice pausing and being, and learning to nourish and embrace their humanity is close to my heart. For the past seven consecutive years I have been afforded the opportunity of teaching mindfulness and coping skills to middle and high school students at BART Charter in Adams, MA. I am excited to announce that I am now offering yoga in several schools in Central and North County to support elementary, middle, and high schools students.

If your school or learning institution is interested in bringing mindfulness and health to your students and staff, I would love to collaborate on ways to support your individual place of learning.

Wellness at the Workplace

We all know the difference between a healthy and a toxic work environment. When your team is healthy, your business thrives. I would like to partner with your organization to create ripples of change and health where employees feel supported and want to come to work in the morning. Over the past few years I have created workshops, lectures, and embodiment practices (including art and imagery) that teach employees and staff how to increase effective communication, facilitate problem solving and team building, while simultaneously developing plans for stress management. This work has become a true passion and can be custom designed to meet the needs of your particular business. I am open to providing a one time consultation or developing an ongoing relationship to support your team.

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