Meet Amanda

Amanda believes in empowering individuals to access their innate wisdom and health that lives within. Amanda has extensively traveled the globe and brings a holistic and strength based approach to coaching and life. Mind, body, senses, and soul are so intricately woven together and when we care for and give space for each of these parts of ourselves we feel healthy and alive.

Amanda obtained a Master's in Education in Psychology in 2005 and since then has built a thriving clinical private practice working with children, adolescents, adults, schools, and organizations. Throughout her career, Amanda has been a life-long seeker of knowledge and wellness. She has focused her studies on wanting to understand what promotes health and wellness within individuals and workplace settings instead of focusing on disease and dysfunction. This pull has led Amanda to advanced trainings in positive psychology as well as integrated holistic practices. Amanda is a Kripalu certified yoga instructor and an Ayurvedic Health Counselor. Amanda has developed a passion for bringing an awareness of wellness and sustainability into schools and work environments by providing teamwork exercises, supervision, and a wide variety of options for workshops on self-care. Feel free to connect to learn more about how Amanda can partner with you and your individual or organizational needs.

When Amanda isn’t teaching or traveling she is exploring the outdoors, creating a mosaic, or studying the globe to prepare for her next adventure.