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You can truly soar and shine in life.

Life brings challenges and great suffering. Life brings miracles and pure joy. We all need support, inspiration, and maybe even a little magic along the way. Thanks for showing up for yourself.

Hi, I'm Amanda. I am a licensed mental health counselor, Kripalu yoga instructor, Ayurvedic Health Counselor, artist, and explorer. Here you will find details about my work. Maybe you are curious about improving your nutrition and lifestyle, wanting to bring wellness and cohesiveness into your school or workplace, or chatting about joining the latest wellness retreat. Whatever curiosity brought you to this page, Welcome. May you be healthy, may you be peaceful, and may you be filled with ease.

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Amanda is gifted in connection with people. She is present, tuned in, kind and funny. In addition to this, her knowledge and wisdom surpasses her years. Her experience brought solid recommendations. I enjoyed the experience with her and plan to keep in touch for years to come. 

" It goes without saying, I highly recommend Amanda and her deep knowledge base! Amanda has a gift for human connection. Her consultation is far from just that; our 2 one hour sessions together were enlightening and exciting. She made it easy for me to become the change I wanted to see. She did so by meeting me exactly where I was at, and by using compassion to gently coach new ideas and interventions. I'd like to think my consultation with Amanda was just the beginning of many more workshops and offerings for my own self." improvement and growth.

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