Wander. Roam. Explore. 


When do you find yourself fully alive and in flow?

This is the question that I ask myself daily. Only then can I inspire others to do the real work to live into the highest version of themselves. Freedom, spaciousness, and pure joy are your birthright.  The key to reading the map and having the courage to blaze your unique trail is within. 

Hi, I'm Amanda. On a personal note, I am a self-proclaimed Renaissance woman, dreamer, life-long learner, artist, and explorer.  Professionally, I am a retreat leader, teacher, & health coach with 20 plus years of experience, certifications, and trainings from all around the world. It is my mission to support women, schools, and businesses to thrive amongst change and challenges while discovering pure magic and wonder along the way. 

Throughout my studies of Eastern and Western health and wellness, I have come to believe and embody that only when you truly love & accept yourself wholeheartedly, the veils of suffering are able to be lifted.  You are not in this alone!

Amazing and powerful shifts happen when one believes in and practices investing in oneself!  Let's chat to discuss how I can support you or your business in focusing on what IS already working right now and growing from that place. Through deep listening and a genuine connection, let's partner to quiet the noise and discover the true adventure that is waiting for you at this very moment.

"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf"

-John Kabbat Zin

Why Retreats Matter

Rooftop deck interview at Firefly in Bocas Del Toro, Panama

6 amazing women courageously stepped into the unknown and went home with a deeper connection to themselves & what truly matters to them. Hear their stories.


"Amanda is gifted in connection with people. She is present, tuned in, kind and funny. In addition to this, her knowledge and wisdom surpasses her years. Her experience brought solid recommendations. I enjoyed the experience with her and plan to keep in touch for years to come."

"I highly recommend Amanda and her deep knowledge base! Amanda has a gift for human connection. Her consultation is far from just that; our 2 one hour sessions together were enlightening and exciting. She made it easy for me to become the change I wanted to see. She did so by meeting me exactly where I was at, and by using compassion to gently coach new ideas and interventions. I'd like to think my consultation with Amanda was just the beginning of many more workshops and offerings for my own self improvement and growth."

Retreat with Amanda showed me the importance of taking time for myself.  This experience helped me to restore balance & ground. 

...Taking time for yourself on retreat is purposeful in helping us to acknowledge the parts of ourself that shine bright while also shining light on the other parts that are harder to deal with."  

Going on a retreat in Panama with Amanda was just what I needed.  One morning after yoga, a rainbow appeared right in front of us overlooking the ocean. I was really taken back with the whole experience.  It was  just beautiful and incredibly meaningful to me."   

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